My HAPPI Place

Living HAPPI Inside & Out

Hello & welcome,

Delighted YOU are here!

My HAPPI Place is an engaging community choosing to live HAPPI. We share a space that celebrates curiosity, creativity, and connection while curating tools and tricks to design a HAPPI lifestyle.

Whether You are looking to Makeover       ⭐️your Home ⭐️your Heart or ⭐️your Head, mHp is committed to delivering inspirational ideas. Looking to restore & revitalize relationships, especially the one with yourself...  We have your back!

We believe life can be as simple as H-A-P-P-I.  

About your host

 Viola, a recovering Eeyore!

That's Right!

Before Viola was "Ms HAPPI," she was best characterized  as the adorable, yet melancholy Eeyore from Winnie-the-Pooh. Her adventures in the "100-acre wood" taught her that HAPPI is a living state of being.  We have to feed our HAPPI, to see our HAPPI grow and thrive. ⭐️She hopes you will visit "My HAPPI Place" often. We know it will fuel your HAPPI.  Before long, you will be calling it your My HAPPI Place!  

Grow HAPPI with me, the best is yet to be!    

Pursuit of HAPPIness

Is My HAPPI Place for You?

My HAPPI Place is for you if you desire any of the following...

⭐️Have more fun and joy in your life.

⭐️Attention focused on good.

⭐️People in your life cheering you on.

⭐️Pursue HAPPIness Mind, Body, Soul & Home.

⭐️Intentionally creating a life you are excited to wake up and live!

We choose HAPPI yes we do, we choose HAPPI how about YOU!?!

Permission Granted

Do you feel like you need permission?

We hear you, and we understand!  Like you, many of us had lost ourselves along the way. We needed Permission to  Pursue our dreams and desires.⭐️ mHp has you covered.  Choose HAPPI Today!  

Permission Granted!

Permission Granted.pdf


Ready to be a HAPPInsider?

Around the world individuals say, "I just want to be happy, or I just want my family to be happy." ⭐️ We've got stories you can explore, connections to create and a library full of guides, strategies, and tips for growing and living HAPPI Inside & Out. 

It's time for YOU & the World to be HAPPI again, 

don't you agree!

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